Lifetime is one of New Zealand’s largest networks of insurance, financial and mortgage advisers and the premium sponsor for The Gift of Knowledge.

The Gift of Knowledge are  thrilled to be partnering with Lifetime and to be able to provide you with direct access to Lifetime’s highly experienced team of advisers operating throughout the North and South Islands. 

The unique benefit of working with Lifetime is you have access to a full range of insurance, home loan and personal investment services all in one place. Because of this structure their specialist team can offer you 360ᴼ solutions designed to help look after all areas of your financial life and maximise benefits where they matter to you most.

Lifetime recognises that everyone has a unique set of circumstances and priorities and this is no different when understanding the challenges faced by the Gift of Knowledge members. By working with you and listening to what you need, they can offer the right products to look after you, your family and your assets. And they take their work seriously, so you can be assured that when you’re working with a Lifetime adviser, you are working with a professional who meets all the legislative and regulatory requirements of the industry.

This partnership has taken the stress out of getting insured as now you have access to a team of friendly and helpful advisers committed to working with you to provide the support and solutions you really need.

Already The Gift of Knowledge members have had some great experiences with Lifetime advisers –

"I was really impressed at how easy the entire process was.  Cameron came out to our house, talked us through our options and was very thorough.  We worked out what was right for us and signed a few forms.  It was that easy.  There was no pressure and the conversation was always about what was best for our family.  I didn't expect the instant relief that I felt once we had everything in place.  It was very reassuring knowing that if something was to happen, our young family was going to be fine (financially), I wish we'd got on to it sooner"  Nic Coom, Founder/Director The Gift of Knowledge.

"I was referred to Lifetime by a GOK member as I was frustrated having to deal with multiple people to sort out my financial  affairs.  I met with a Lifetime adviser and was so relieved that I didn't have to do the whole spiel about BRCA and spend the first 30 mins educating them, they already knew about it and that was brilliant! The advice I received was very thorough and we ended up arranging health insurance and income protection insurance for me.  Now that this is all in order I can start to think about genetic testing" Kate.

To find out more or arrange to meet with an adviser and discuss your requirements contact The Gift of Knowledge's dedicated Lifetime Advisor - Kay Davies.  

Kay Davies

   T: 03 687 7980

    M: 027 560 0135



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