The Gift of Knowledge relies on gifts from individuals, trusts, corporations and grants. We do not receive government funding. The gifts we receive make it possible for us to provide people like yourself with information and support. Your gift will help change lives! We promise to spend your gift in accordance with our objectives and will share how your money has been spent bi-annually.

We guarantee that 100% of your donations go towards awareness, support and education (no admin or salaries - GOK is run on pure goodwill and passion).

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Where are funds going?

We have no staff or overheads. All monies received go directly to activities to support and raise awareness. We are committed to sharing with you at all times how donations are spent. Donations are currently going towards -

  • hosting and developing our website
  • developing information packs to be provided to people on confirmation of a BRCA mutation
  • referral cards for medical professionals to provide patients with
  • saving for a new service that supports people who are undergoing surgery and or have been diagnosed as terminal - to be launched in November 2014

Long term we aim to use our funds to bring you guest speakers who are leaders in this field, challenge the government and insurance companies, support you individually and personally whether that be helping with your gardening following surgery or with expenses relating to the decisions you have to make.

We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. There is some GREAT work that is being undertaken in the field of research and raising awareness of breast and ovarian cancer. We are BIG supporters of The New Zealand Gynaecological Foundation, The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and the New Zealand Breast Cancer Research Trust and look forward to being able to share information and donations with each of them over time.

Thank you

A big thank you to the friends and family of the late Judy Coom and Jenni Durno who made generous donations in lieu of flowers after these ladies passed away following a battle with cancer. 

Thank you to the two North Island families who provided very kind and generous donations to allow us to provide four scholarships for the 2012 conference. Without these scholarships these four people would not have been able to attend and gain the valuable information they did. In their words you provided them with an "invaluable" experience.

Please note all transactions with The Gift of Knowledge are in New Zealand dollars only.


We are a not for profit organisation and rely solely on the kind generosity of our friends and supporters. If you would like to get involved and gift your ideas and / or time, we would love to hear from you by email.