Clare's Story

My name is Clare. My auntie was diagnosed with breast cancer at about the age of 60 and then shortly afterwards was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died.

Then her sister, my mother, was diagnosed with breast cancer on a routine mammogram. She mentioned to her surgeon that her sister had had breast cancer and then got ovarian cancer. He pooh poohed any connection between the cancers but did send her for an ovarian ultrasound which showed a lump which was cancer.

She had surgery and chemo and she is fine now.

So my female cousins and I are very conscious that we keep having routine mammograms and ultrasounds. Mum has had the BRCA1 blood test but it didn't show anything, but there are probably other genetic abnormalities which cause breast and ovarian cancer which haven't been discovered yet.

So most of us have had our ovaries removed when we reach the age of 50 or when we get to menopause. We have been lucky, we have had the warning, Mum survived and is going strong at 70+ and we've finished having children. What's the odd hot flush compared to Cancer?

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