'The Gift'

This is a joint initiative between The Gift of Knowledge and our sponsor Lifetime Group.Lifetime Group

The Gift of Knowledge is all about support, education and awareness. So it makes sense that in times of need we are able to support you and your family. We’ve always wanted to do more and now that we are a little bit bigger, we can.

We are thrilled to launch ‘The Gift’. This initiative is exactly what it’s says. It is our ‘gift’ to you. We know it’s hard undergoing treatment, recovering from surgery, caring for someone and often all while juggling everyday life - cooking, cleaning, working, children, paying bills etc.

‘The Gift’ is an initiative that allows you to nominate someone you know who is doing it tough and would benefit from receiving a ‘gift’. We have partnered with national providers to bring services to you such as gardening, cleaning, child care, grocery shopping etc.

By supporting you in this way we hope to lighten the load, remind you that we care and understand and basically help make life a little bit easier for you.

Leading up to Christmas we will be giving away one gift every week to a deserving person/family.

To nominate someone please complete and submit the form below.

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